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Fully Personalised Santa Letter from the North Pole

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Please note We cannot guarantee delivery of these in time after the 15th December (we do have special delivery options available) please let us know if you have any questions regarding delivery.

Personalised letters from Santa Claus!

****FINAL GUARANTEED DISPATCH DATES for December 25st, 5th DECEMBER WORLDWIDE, 15th DECEMBER UK***** dispatch after this time is not guaranteed to arrive with you in time for the 25th December

We have a print at home PDF version also if you would like to make your own.

Imagine your child's delight at receiving a magical letter, personalised to your child, within a personalised envelope complete with a North Pole post mark - their faces will light up the room!

These letters are a wonderful addition to a Christmas Eve box or even sat at the bottom of the fire place on the lead up to Christmas.

Santa letters are fully personalised with your childs name, town, something they've done good this year and a gift they would like.
Each and every letter is written to order on behalf of Santa Claus, and can contain any additional or specific wording you require. Please just let me know when ordering. If you do not wish it to be signed Santa Claus please inform us of the choice of name.

When letters are delivered, they will come inside another envelope which is addressed to the parent (carer/guardian/person who places the order). The letter and envelope for the recipient is inside the main envelope, allowing the parent to post to the recipient at any give time
If you wish for your letter to be sent directly to the recipient, please do let me know (please note that the 'north pole postmark' will be in a different location)

We help Father Christmas in producing these letters purely to bring a little extra magic into people's lives during the festive season.

If you have any questions Please do not hesitate to ask