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Etsy Audit

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Providing you with a PDF of ways to help improve your Etsy Store. I have been on etsy since 2015 and have had nearly 13000. I want to help you do just as well.

What you will recieve is an indepth look at :

  • My first initial thoughs lading on your Etsy page
  • Your titles along with hints and tips to improve them
  • Your descriptions and what you might be missing
  • Your photos and what to do to improve and other photos you may be missing
  • Hints and Tips on your tags 
  • Delivery settings
  • Any other Hints and Tips that may improve your store
  • Your next steps

This will be sent to the email address you Leave on checkout. When you purchase please leave your etsy link in the box provided and I will send you your full Etsy Audit within a week. (Please check your spam box if you have recieved nothing within a week) 


I really hope this makes your store as sucessful as mine :-)