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Best Man/ Usher/ Groomsman Keepsake Gift

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Not sure what to get your Best man, usher or groomsman on your wedding day to let them know you love and appreciate them.
This may help.

The box is 28cm x 22cm x 10cm

We have 4 versions of this box you can choose:
Just the box with personalised top.
The box with just the tags so you can add in all your gifts.
The full packaged which includes the tag and several of the items personalised for you.
We then have the option to add a special card in for you.

The boxes are full personalised so you choose the colours of the wording, wraps and ribbon we then select the perfect wrap to match your colours. We will need the persons name, role and wedding date.

Here is a list of whats included in the filled box
Cigar card (for you to tie your favourite cigar onto)
Socks with his title and wedding date on.
Pencil and paper for any important notes
Pack of cards
Then an extra tag for Paracetamol, Alcohol and something special

The dispatch time on these can be up to 4 weeks if you have any questions please ask.