How to choose your wedding rings

How to choose your wedding rings

Whether you chose the perfect engagement ring together or it came as a complete, and romantic, surprise from your partner now that you are engaged it is time to start thinking about your wedding rings. Choosing the perfect wedding ring might take a little more time and effort than you initially thinks as you cover off all bases. This is a ring that needs to stand the test of time, it’s going to be part of your outfit everyday once you say, ‘I do’.

 In this article we will explore 5 key things to consider when choosing your wedding ring:

  1. Should each partner have the same style?
  2. What metal should you choose?
  3. What style of ring will you have?
  4. Do you want to match your ring to your engagement ring?
  5. Making sure you buy from a reputable seller.


Should your wedding ring match your partners?

Do you and your partner have the same taste and style or do your ideas differ wildly? If you were to pick matching wedding rings, will you need to compromise on the style and look in order for it to fit what you both want? There is absolutely nothing to say that you have to have matching rings, they don’t even have to be made from the same metal if you like different things or if one of you has allergies etc. What will you choose – matching or distinctly different?

 Which metal should you pick?

There are a couple of different choices when it comes to what you have your ring made from. They vary in price and you will need to consider what your engagement ring is made from as you want the metals to match in ‘hardness’ so that they do not erode each other.

 Wedding rings are most commonly made from:

  • Gold
    • The most traditional metal for wedding ring bands, though as with all traditions there are now lots of different options so you can be more creative.
    • Silver
      • Sterling Silver is a popular choice, as it looks classical and clean but can be a much cheaper option in comparison to Gold, Platinum, and Palladium. Pure silver is very soft so is mixed with other alloys to strengthen it. Always check that you are getting high quality sterling silver, and not something that is simply silver-plated.
    • Platinum
      • A dense metal so rings can feel quite heavy in comparison to others, on the plus side it is very durable and does not easily erode and is a very white metal in its pure form.
    • Palladium


  • A shiny silver metal which forms part of the platinum family, small amounts mixed with gold forms white gold.


What style of wedding ring will you choose?

Just like dress style we all have a unique style and preference when it comes to our jewellery and when you are looking for something you will wear everyday for the rest of your life you want to be confident in your choice.

Will your wedding ring be a simple plain band? Are you drawn to something that has precious stones or gems in the band? Do you want your wedding ring to be engraved – would that be on the outside or the inside of the band?

Do you want your Wedding ring and Engagement ring to match?

Do you already know that you want the same metal for you wedding ring as you already have for your engagement ring? Will your wedding ring need to be shaped to fit the style of your engagement ring? Would you like to go back to the same jeweller to pick out your wedding rings? These could be points that influence your overall choice and style.

Always buy from a reputable seller.

It might feel like every step of your wedding planning is about budgets and trying not to overspend but don’t be tempted to go cheap on your wedding rings. Buying from a reputable seller, picking high quality rings, and making sure that you get them insured will give you some peace of mind that you have invested in something you can wear for years to come.

Many couples focus on the perfect engagement ring and forget that choosing wedding rings is just as important, and whilst the engagement ring may have been a surprise, picking wedding rings is something that you can do together as a couple.

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