Our little Guide to Wedding Stationery

Our little Guide to Wedding Stationery

Wedding Stationery can seem like such a minefield. What you should and shouldn't get, is it needed, or is it personal choice. Well here's where I will try to help with out little check list.

Wedding Stationery sets the scene for your guests. It gives them an idea of what your day will be, whether you go for glitter and diamante, simplicity or hessian and lace, people then have a little expectation of what is to come.

Wedding stationery is totally personal choice and it doesn't have to cost a fortune either. Here I will go through what is on offer and what you should have and what is totally personal choice as an addition.

Next week I will go into more detail of what styles of invitations there are and give you a little more information on those.

First things first

Stationery is a huge area which not only concerns the wedding invites and on the day items it also includes the lead up to it. Here are a few things you may want to have. (all these are totally optional)

Will you be my Bridesmaid/ Best man Proposals

So, you've started looking at getting married and have now chosen who you want to be in your bridal party. You could ask them by sending them a proposal card. These often include little verses to ask for their help in your special day.
Here is just one of the ones we offer for the bridesmaids and maids of honour

Save The Date's

Save the dates are there to let you guests know of your upcoming wedding, it gives them the chance to book time off work and make sure they will be available to attend. These are usually sent out 18 months to a year before hand.

Save the dates are only intended to state the date of your wedding and occasionally the location if it is for abroad or people have to travel to attend. They also inform guests that they will be receiving a formal invitation at a later date with the details.

Wedding Invitations

This is often were people get confused firstly remember you only need ONE invite per family or couple. We often hear of people not realising until they have started handing them out and they have lots left over.

Pocket fold wedding invitation ribbon tied with glitter mount 

Invitations are the most important part of your wedding stationery. They invite your guests and inform them of the date, time and location as well as any extra information you may wish to provide. Your invitations may include any of the following:
RSVP Cards

These are to be returned to yourself informing if your guests will or  won't be  attending, providing any dietary requirements they may have and may also include menu choices or transport if you have provided those options

Guest information  

This is any information you need to provide your guests, whether it be maps and directions.These are useful if you have to travel and guests are not local. Accommodation for the venue if it offers it with price guides or other local hotels and B&Bs. Transport if you are providing any or local taxi companies.

    Gift Lists/ Poems   

    Gift registry or a gift poem can be included so your guests know what you would like as a gift. Poems often include requests for money towards a honeymoon, house or savings.


    Menus are often included when you have a choice of what meals are available. Guests then inform you of their options when they return their RSVP cards.

    Postcard wedding invitations purple ribbon glitter background and diamante embelishment

    Evening Invitations

    Your day guests would not require these as you add to the bottom of your invitation that an evening reception follows. These invitations are often a simpler version of your day time ones and include all the time, date and reception details. You may wish to add an RSVP card and hotel information also. 

    Wedding Itinerary
    We would only suggest these be added in wedding which are abroad or over several days. On the day Itinerary will be covered further down.


    Wedding Day

    So the big day has arrived, what stationery do you require to help your day run a little more smoothly

    The order of service is often used in a church service, this includes the running of service, who conducts the service, any hymns or readings and the bridal party. These booklets can vary from one service to another and we suggest before ordering any that you check with the church first to see what layout they prefer.
    If you don't require an order of service you may wish to have an order of the day. This includes an estimated running time of your day, from when you walk in, through to the evening buffet. This allows guests to know what is happening through out your day.
    Floral programme order of the day wedding fans
    Your table plan lets all your guests know where they need to be seated. This is usually situated at the main entrance to the room you are having your reception in. Once in the room guests look for their corresponding seat.
    Table Numbers / Names
    These cards stand either in holders or on the tables so your guests can easily find their seat.
    Place cards are the final item to help your guests be seated. Along with your guests names these may include their menu choices.
    Menus can be cards added to a table to inform them of the meal they are bout to have. If you have options you may have a menu per guest to avoid any confusion when the meal arrives at the table. Your venue may also require this is you have dietary requirements.

    After the Wedding

    Thank you cards are usually sent within a few weeks of the wedding to thank your guests for their attendance and any gifts you may have received. You may also want to provide individual thank you cards for your bridal party during the speeches to thank them for the role they have played in your day.

    Other Optional Extras

    With all the main details accounted for there are many extras you might have planned.

    You may want signage for other extras you have (sweet cart, photobooth)

    Do you want guests to leave you messages of congratulations, date ideas or well wishes. For these you may require a Guest Book, Well wishes cards, or tags.

    Do you favours? Do they need stickers, or tags to finish them off? Are you providing a free drink via scratch card tokens or drinks vouchers.

    I hope this makes planning a little easier and explains some of the options available to you.




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